Lincoln-IMI Dual Degree Program

Lincoln IMI Dual degree course | 24 Months | Weekend Program | Admissions open for next cohort
Get US MBA & Indian PGDM without leaving your job

2-Year Lincoln-IMI Dual Degree
Programme (Online/Hybrid)

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    of live Classes


    Live Classes
    (3-6 Hours/week)


    Days Optional Campus immersion at LU California followed by convocation

    Program Highlights

    Dual Degree

    Participants will be awarded “Master of Business Administration” degree (MBA) from Lincoln and PGDM from IMI Bhubaneswar.

    Commitment per week

    Program designed for working professionals with a commitment of 6 hours/week.

    Dual Alumni status

    Alumni status from both Lincoln University and IMI Bhuvneshwar.

    Live Cohort-based Approach

    Cohort-based approach with a tight-knit group of like-minded professionals.

    Campus immersion at Lincoln:

    Optional 2-week campus immersion program followed by convocation at Lincoln University, California.

    Flexibility in payments and student loans

    Flexible payment structure with four installments, plus the ability to obtain an education loan from nationalized banks.​

    Institute Legacy

    Join a B-School with deep roots in business. IMI Bhubaneswar: part of the renowned RP Sanjiv Goenka Family. Lincoln University, California is a 104 year old non-profit university.

    Message From Directors

    Lincoln University
    IMI Bhubaneswar

    Ranking and accreditation for Lincoln University

    Ranking and accreditation for IMI Bhubaneswar


    • Accredited by WASC, One of the top accreditation agencies in the US, and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
    • MBA Credit Transfer for future studies in the US, Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley are also accredited by WASC and IACBE .
    • It is not a blended or recorded program, but rather a full-fledged MBA degree with 100% live classes and a cohort-based approach.
    • Non-profit and 104 years old university

    • IMI Bhubaneswar is the only B-School to be accredited by AMBA, NIRF, NAAC and NBA
    • IMI Bhubaneswar is part of the RP Sanjiv Goenka Family and has excellent industry connect
    • IMI Bhubaneswar one of the fastest growing b-schools in India
    • IMI Bhubaneswar one of the top ranked b-schools in India

    The Career Company offers comprehensive support for career development. Our personalized training follows a step-by-step process, ensuring that each student receives tailored assistance to excel in their career. Our approach goes beyond preparing students for campus interviews; it focuses on building a strong foundation for their future.

    Candidates enrolled in the program will receive the following support:

    1. One-on-one diagnostic interviews with industry experts.
    2. Resume masterclass and a platform to build professional resumes.
    3. One-on-one mock interviews conducted by industry experts.
    4. Workshops on group discussions.
    5. Workshops on case-based interviews.
    6. Showing the opportunities

    Individuals who choose the hybrid program will receive placement training (including three one-on-one sessions on diagnostic interviews, mock interviews, and resume reviews), but they won’t participate in placements because they will be in California during term 3 and term 4.

    Know Both Institutes

    Lincoln University California

    A private non-profit non-secretarial educational institution Lincoln University was founded by Dr. Benjamin Lickey in 1919 in San Francisco. From the school’s founding, LU has placed its focus on practical down-to-earth education with strong international character. In the 1960s – 70s, meeting the demand of international students in American business education, the University offered a curriculum of outstanding Business Administration programs with special emphasis to Master of Business Administration degree with a variety of concentration areas. In 2010 the curriculum was deepened by creations of the Doctor of Business Administration and then the Master of Science in International Business and Finance Management degree programs. The following values summarize our philosophy: partnership, accountability, compassion, excellence, effectiveness, inclusiveness. Lincoln University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 1001 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 402, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001.

    IMI Bhubaneswar

    IMI Bhubaneswar, established in 2011, is a young institute which achieved the coveted position of 67th rank in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2023 conducted by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. IMI Bhubaneswar currently offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), and FPM (equivalent to PhD) programs which are approved by AICTE. The flagship PGDM program is accredited by AMBA (Association of MBAs); NBA (National Board of Accreditation); NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council); and has received equivalence from AIU (Association of Indian Universities). IMI Bhubaneswar draws sustenance through creation; dissemination and application of knowledge which integrates seamlessly with each other to translate into research, teaching and training for our stakeholders. Nested in an ecologically invigorating ambience and sculpted by a renowned architect, IMI epitomizes a “gurukul.”

    Meet Our Professors

    Message from Professors

    Dr. Mikhail Brodsky President of Lincoln University

    We are confident that our partnership with The Career Company, Lincoln University's established legacy of education, and the renowned reputation of IMI Bhubaneshwar will pave the way for unparalleled success.

    Dr. Alex Anokhin Provost & Associate Professor

    We are thrilled to partner with The Career Company, an institution committed to innovative education, and leverage the vast educational expertise of Lincoln University across the United States and the world, along with the exceptional educational excellence of IMI Bhubaneshwar. We are poised to create new and exciting opportunities for learners everywhere.

    Prof. Ramesh Behl Director, IMI Bhubaneswar

    We are elated to be part of the amazing collaboration between The Lincoln University, IMI Bhubaneswar and the Career Company. We are sure that the Dual Degree program will lead to a unique and enriching learning experience for young bright minds aspiring to become corporate stalwarts.

    Prof. Manit Mishra Dean, Research & Strategic Initiatives, IMI Bhubaneswar

    Research & Strategic Investors is a very exciting me for IMI Bhubaneswar and Lincoln University to join hands to impart knowledge and learning to budding professionals breaking the geographical and national barriers. My heartiest wishes for the grand success of the programme.

    Dr. Mike Guerra Asst. Vice President & Associate Professor

    The collaboration between The Career Company, Lincoln University, and IMI Bhubaneshwar holds great promise in providing students with a world-class education and valuable experience. We are excited to see the incredible opportunities that will arise from this partnership.

    Prof. Uday Kumar Ghosh President's Advisor & Professor (Faculty of Business Administration)

    The collaboration between Lincoln University, IMI Bhubaneshwar, and The Career Company has a powerful synergy that will benefit learners tremendously. The dual degree program from these two accredited institutions will enhance their learning and add immense value to their future endeavors.

    Prof. Bindu Chhabra Dean, Academics, and International Relations, IMI Bhubaneswar

    The collaboration between Lincoln University of USA and IMI Bhubaneswar of India is a perfect con+uence of learning and knowledge dissemination and we are extremely positive about the impact of this program in the career of individuals.

    Prof. Pratyush Banerjee Program Coordinator & Chair, Area of OB, HR and Communications

    The joint collaboration between IMI Bhubaneswar, India and Lincoln University, USA, is a perfect opportunity for aspiring business professionals to enroll in a business education programme with an international perspective, helping them to groom themselves as future global leaders in the world.


    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 Financial Accounting & Analysis 2 20
    2 Quantitative Techniques 2 20
    3 Managerial Economics 2 20
    4 Organizational Behavior 2 20
    5 Operations Management 2 20
    6 Managerial Communication 2 20
    7 Term Project I 3 -
    Total 15
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 IT for Decision Making 2 20
    2 HRM 2 20
    3 Marketing Management 2 20
    4 Financial Management 2 20
    5 Research Methodology 2 20
    6 Corporate Governance & Managerial Ethics 2 20
    7 Term Project II 3 -
    Total 15
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 Human Values and Happiness 3 30
    2 Business Analytics 2 20
    3 Elective 1 3 30
    4 Elective 2 3 30
    5 Elective 3 3 30
    6 Elective 4 3 30
    7 Elective 5 3 30
    8 Term Project III 3 -
    9 Entrepreneurship- Dr. Ashurov BA 330 - LU 45
    10 Business Research Methodology - Dr. Anokhin BA 312 - LU 45
    11 E-Commerce - Dr. Brudno BA 354- LU 45
    Total 15
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 Strategic Management 3 30
    2 Elective 1 3 30
    3 Elective 2 3 30
    4 Elective 3 3 30
    5 Elective 4 3 30
    6 Elective 5 3 30
    7 Capstone Project 9 -
    8 uantitative Methods for Business and Finance Management - Dr. Himelfarb BA 360 - LU 45
    9 Consumer Research - Dr. Himelfarb BA 372 - LU 45
    10 Business Strategy and Decision Making- Dr. Pantos BA 390 - LU 45
    Total 26
    Course Code Course Title Hrs.
    BA 397 / 398 / 399 -    LU MBA Case Study OR Internship Report OR Research Project 135


    Sl.NoCourse TitleNumber of Credits Hrs.
    1Digital Marketing330
    2Consumer Behavior330
    3Services Marketing330
    4Integrated Marketing Communications330
    5Brand Management330
    6Marketing Research330
    7New Product Development330
    8Sales & Distribution330
    10Marketing Analytics330
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 SAPM 3 30
    2 International Finance 3 30
    3 BFSI 3 30
    4 Fintech 3 30
    5 Financial Analytics 3 30
    6 Mergers & Acquisitions 3 30
    7 Investment Banking & Treasury Operations 3 30
    8 Financial Markets 3 30
    9 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 30
    10 Cost & Management Accounting 3 30
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 Recruitment & Selection 3 30
    2 Training & Development 3 30
    3 Performance & Compensation Measurement 3 30
    4 HR Analytics 3 30
    5 Employee Engagement 3 30
    6 Indian Labor Laws 3 30
    7 Acquiring & Managing Talent 3 30
    8 Organizational Theory & Design 3 30
    9 Culture and Change Management 3 30
    10 Conflict Management & Negotiations 3 30
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 Advanced Statistics 3 30
    2 Foundations of Predictive Analytics 3 30
    3 Machine Learning 3 30
    4 Foundations of Business Data Modelling 3 30
    5 Hands-On Tool Training I - RDBMS & SQL 3 30
    6 Hands-On Tool Training II – Visual Analytics 3 30
    7 Hands-On Tool Training III – Text Analytics 3 30
    8 Enterprise Resource Planning 3 30
    Sl.No Course Title Number of Credits Hrs.
    1 Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3 30
    2 Project Management 3 30
    3 Quality Management & Six Sigma 3 30
    4 Operations Strategy 3 30
    5 Management Science Applications 3 30
    6 Supply Chain Analytics 3 30
    7 Service Operation Management 3 30
    8 Agile Project Management 3 30

    Sample Degree Certificate

    Industry recognized Certifications

    1. SAP
    2. Data visualization & Dashboarding
    3. Cost optimization
    4. Business / Operational Excellence
    5. Financial Modeling & Business Valuation
    6. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
    7. Certificate in Business Consulting & Innovation

    Ideal for

    Enrolment Process

    Take assistance from programme consultant on each step
    Apply for the Programme with Application and SOP
    Submit Documents*
    Interview by committee members from IMI and Lincoln university*

    Join the program



    Bachelor/Master’s degree in any discipline with minimum 50% marks.


    Minimum 1-year of experience and an impactful career are required.

    English proficiency

    5 on the TOEFL and 5.5 on the IELTS.

    Note: You are exempt from this requirement if you have earned a bachelor’s degree from an institution at which English was the sole language of instruction.

    Download a Brochure

      Fee Structure for Hybrid Program (Approx 14.88L)

      1st year online + 2nd year at Lincoln University, US, California

      TERM 1 - Online


      By July 2023

      TERM 2 - Online


      By December 2023

      TERM 3 -
      On Campus


      By June 2024
      @ Lincoln, California, USA

      TERM 4 -
      On Campus


      By December 2024 @ Lincoln, California, USA

      Fully Online Program (7.9L)


      TERM 1




      By March 2024

      TERM 2




      By October 2024

      TERM 3




      By March 2025

      TERM 4




      By October 2025

      Fee Structure for Hybrid Program (Approx 12.5L)

      1st year online + 2nd year at Lincoln University, US, California

      TERM 1


      By March 2024

      TERM 2


      By October 2024

      TERM 3
      On Campus


      By March 2025 @ Lincoln, California, USA

      TERM 4
      On Campus


      By October 2025 @ Lincoln, California, USA

      The fee is to be paid in Four installments:

      • Following the interview, the admission offices of Lincoln University and IMI Bhubaneshwar will make an offer to the candidate.
      • Second year at Lincoln University is subject to visa approval. You must begin the process of applying for a student visa in term 1 and if you do not receive a visa, you can complete the Dual degree online with 7.9L.
      • The charges shown above only cover tuition; they do not cover other expenses like accommodation, meals, travel, or visa fees.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      IMI B has a rich legacy of producing the brightest minds in the field of management and business for over a decade. As a part of IMI B’s Post graduate course, participants will be able to leverage on the IMI B Alumni status for furtherment of their careers.

      In our cohort-based MBA program, you will have 100% live interactive classes on weekends, allowing you to interact with your batchmates and participate in discussions, case studies, and group projects. Additionally, we offer a campus immersion experience where you will get the chance to live on campus with your cohort at IMI B Campus. This provides an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and build lasting connections that can help you throughout your career. You'll have ample opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your classmates, which can help you expand your professional network and achieve your goals.

      US Accredited by the top accredited agency, WASC and IACBE, Lincoln University, California is a 104 year old non-profit university, located in the Bay Area. Offering full-fledged MBA Degree based with 540 hours of Live Teaching; and WES-recognized University
      This internationally collaborated Dual Degree programme helps develop your interdisciplinary field of knowledge, as well as improves your well-rounded skillset which can be applied to an abundance of cross-cultural industry settings and sectors.
      Getting this degree does not assure a job opportunity in the US. However, the degree will strongly support in getting a job, as it comes from a WASC accredited university.
      Having a US accredited MBA degree, can be added as a US qualification. Settling in the US, depends on the US immigration requirements, it does not depend only on education.
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