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In our cohort-based MBA program, you will have 100% live interactive classes on weekends, allowing you to interact with your batchmates and participate in discussions, case studies, and group projects. Additionally, we offer a campus immersion experience where you will get the chance to live on campus with your cohort at IMI B Campus. This provides an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and build lasting connections that can help you throughout your career. You'll have ample opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your classmates, which can help you expand your professional network and achieve your goals.

US Accredited by the top accredited agency, WASC and IACBE, Lincoln University, California is a 104 year old non-profit university, located in the Bay Area. Offering full-fledged MBA Degree based with 810 hours of Live Teaching; and WES-recognized University.

Getting this degree does not assure a job opportunity in the US. However, the degree will strongly support in getting a job, as it comes from a WASC accredited university.
Having a US accredited MBA degree, can be added as a US qualification. Settling in the US, depends on the US immigration requirements, it does not depend only on education.
Every year during the end of May, LU organizes Graduation Ceremony for the on-campus graudates and the MBA graduates for this program can also attend the ceremony and collect the degrees along with the campus graduates. LU would send / courier all the final certificates to The Career Company (TCC) and TCC would courier / distribute the final certificates to all the eligible graduates
ARCHIVING POLICY: Lincoln University would be allowing the students the access to the archived lectures throughout their 2-year MBA program. Lincoln University would be sharing the zoom link for all the sessions.
No - The two-week on-campus immersion program is optional and all costs will be borne by students. Also, the opportunity to visit will be contingent on the student getting the Visa.
This option can be made available only against certified medical ground is possible, not otherwise.

Each subject is scored on 100. Marks are awarded subject/course-wise. Each course. Evaluation components include:

LU would send / courier all the final certificates to TCC and TCC would courier / distribute the final certificates to all the eligible graduates
Please feel free to contact the university. Contact information will be shared after admission.

1. Lifelong University Email I’d or Email forwarding

2. Career services notifications

3. Networking

This is a General Management MBA Program. Hence, specializations are not available.
Even the MBA graduates is the US campus, cannot apply for a job. If a company is sponsoring an MBA graduates, then the company has to apply for a H1B visa. That is applicable if an MBA graduates from this program gets a job in an organization in the local country and the company can also apply for H1B visa, if that company has affiliation in the US. This degree does not guarantee a job placement in the US. However, it is recognized in the US as it is granted by a WSCUC (WASC)-accredited University.
It is a learner-centric education.
Purely at the discreation of each faculty member. If there are any medical conditions o remergencies, then within 3 weeks retake can be organized.

As this MBA Degree is recognized by WASC, any students can get transfers for further studies e.g., second Masters or Doctoral Program - most of the universities will offer Transfer of Credits. WES as well accepts WASC Accreditation as WASC is one of the best Accrediting bodies in the USA.

Difficult to predict. Lot to be considered - duration, faculty availability, how many as a cohort can come, how many will get the visas for attending immersion program etc. 

It has to decided on a case-to-case basis. Suggested total 4 years: with the updated program fee.

Comprehensive Exam shall be part of the 12 courses and it will based on all MCQs from the entire 11 courses during the MBA program.

Comprehensive exam will be based on what a learner learns from all the 11 courses.

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